Energy storage solutions for a decarbonized world

We are an innovative startup created in June 2022 as a Spin-Off of the University of Padua to expoit and bring on the market the experiance and know-how developed on energy storage over more then twenty years with world-class scientific and technological research. 

Why shall we store energy?


Reduce energy costs

Energy storage allows prosumers (consumers with production capability) to maximize selfconsumption and minimze grid energy costs. 

Energy storage allows prosumers to manage their own load shifting and peak sheaving.

Energy storage allows consumers to profit of hourly electricity prices and to obtain investement deferral in new power sources.  

Increase energy
autonomy & flexibility

Renewable energies will replace fossil fuels and sources and, at the same time, make us indipendent from foreign suppliers. 

But they are not dispatchable so that their full exploitation needs energy storage. 

Storage makes the energy produced by renweables available at need.

Block chain concept - Chain consists of network connections . 3d rendering

Secure energy supply

Grid failures and black outs are unacceptable in critical users such as hospitals, airports and data centers, but also in many production companies. 

Storage can provide a secure energy supply and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) exempt of diesel generetors .

Green energy for a decarbonized world and a climate change mitigation

The way we use and generate energy will change dramatically in the coming years. The importance of local, green energy generation will continue to increase and energy storage will play a crucial role in this process.

Our company can help you choosing the best solution for your storage issues and provide consultancy on the whole life cycle of energy storage systems. 

We support our customers in all phases of design, construction, operation and maintenance of storage systems.

Our Services

Techno-economic analysis

Design of the system to obtain optimal performance based on the customer load profile. Services include: load analysis, optimization of self production (e.g. photovoltaic systems), optimization of recharging systems for e-mobility, short-term marketing of the excess power, sizing of energy storage for an uninterruptable power supply.

Storage system selection

Selection of the optimal storage system, in particular batteries, among our network of top international producers, based on the customers requirements. We have a wide knowledge of different types of batteries (Lithium-ion, Sodium, Nickel, Flow batteries, Hydrogen and fuel cells, …) available on the market, that allows us to choose the best solution for every need. We can provide our know-how to customize the storage system according to specific requests e.g. energy management system, maintenance protocol, thermal control, long duration,….

Technical assistance

Maintenance, monitoring, and trouble shooting are essential to extend the life-time of energy storage system, making the investment most profitable and safe. We offer our know-how to comply with this after sale assistance.

Engineering service

Thanks to the experience of our team we can support our customers on different technology issues, inculding but not limited to: customized protocols to miximize efficiency and lifespan, thermal managment system for lithium-ion batteries, stack and battery engineering, maintenance procedure for flow battery..



Solid battery

Lithium-ion, Lead acid and Sodium batteries


Flow battery

Vanadium flow battery


Fuel cell Technology

Electrolyzers, hydrogen and fuel cells



Massimo Guarnieri

Electrical Engineer, PhD



Andrea Trovò

Mechanical Engineer, PhD



Giacomo Marini

Electrical Engineer, PhD



Nicola Poli

Chemical Engineer, PhD


Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Laboratory

Collaboration with the University of Padua



E-Storage S.r.l. 

Head Office: Via P. Frattini 48, Legnago, Verona

Operational headquarters: Via Venezia 71, Padova

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